Meet the Maker

Portrait photo of maker

Hello! Welcome to Em's Gems Essentials. 

I am currently working my first job post grad as a chemist. But, I have always loved to create and have had several different creative outlets over the years, and this one has to be my favorite.

I started making earrings as a project during quarantine. My first earrings were just for fun, then some of my friends wanted a few pairs. Slowly, I started selling more. Each pair is designed by me, hand rolled, cut, baked, sanded, drilled and assembled. Polymer clay earrings have become quite the trend over the last year, and I am grateful to have joined the polymer clay community. With the love and support from friends and family, Em's Gems has grown into what it is today.

My goal with this process is to continue to use this as an outlet and empower women by making them jewelry that they love. There is nothing better than putting on a great pair of earrings with a cute outfit and feeling like a badass! If I can make just one person feel more confident, then I am happy with where this business is headed.

If you choose to support my business or any small business, thank you from the bottom of my heart!